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Weight gain tips: – You are weak and want to gain weight. So you should consume some food items instead of taking any kind of medicine. With this, your weight will start to increase in a few days.

You have to gain weight. So you have to consume some of these foods along with a nutritious diet. In addition to providing your body with plenty of energy, it also helps you gain weight. This food item will also help boost your muscles. Along with this, if you do a little exercise, it will also be beneficial for you.

Not easy but not hard either

As such weight loss is no less of a challenge. Similarly, gaining weight is not so easy. But one thing is true that if you eat nutritious food every day, then even if you do not gain weight, your body will have enough energy, you will become strong and also get rid of the problems caused by weakness.

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Drink milk-

Milk is very beneficial for our body. Because it is rich in calcium. Which helps strengthen our bones. In addition to calcium, it also contains proteins, carbs, fats, etc. This will also increase your weight and give your body strength.

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Eats avocado-

Avocado is a fruit that makes your body strong as you gain weight. It has enough fiber. Which makes your digestive system healthy. On the other hand, it contains healthy fats, calories, a variety of vitamins and minerals. Which is also beneficial for muscles.

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Eat rice

Eating rice makes you gain weight because it contains a lot of carbs. It also has more calories. In such a situation, people who want to gain weight should consume rice, but do not eat too much rice, as then your body may also become ineffective.

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Eat nuts

Almonds should be eaten soaked, for this you can soak peanuts, almonds, moong etc. at night. Eat what you get after waking up in the morning, you will also get plenty of protein and you will stay healthy and also gain weight. Nuts are also rich in calories, along with healthy fats. Which is very beneficial for the weak.

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Sal Salmon eats

Eating salmon gives you plenty of protein. It also increases your fat because it contains omega 3 fatty acids. Along with this the muscles also get strength.

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