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Hair color tips: – You want to give your hair a natural color. So you mix some natural things with henna. Applying them to the hair will make your hair silky and soft and enhance your beauty.

Most girls and women use henna to give their hair a natural color. A little more natural things should be mixed with henna. Which will make your hair color look natural. With this your hair will look silky and soft.

Now instead of doing other colors in hair again people have started using henna. Because the henna applied on the hands does not harm in any way when applied on the head and the summer season cools your head. That’s why you can also use handicrafts to dye your hair.

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Mix in lime juice-

You can mix lemon juice in henna to give natural color to hair. This will remove dandruff from your hair and also keep the hair shiny. Because lemons contain vitamin C. Which is very beneficial for hair.

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Mix lettuce juice-

Beetroot is full of antioxidants. Its color is also dark red. So, by mixing it with henna, it gives your hair a better color. It will not leave your hair dry and lifeless. The use of this hair will be silky and soft.

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Use eggs

Many people use eggs to soften hair. Because eggs contain protein. Which makes the hair shiny and beautiful. So, if you want, you can also mix eggs in henna.

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Mix olive oil

Olive oil is very helpful for nourishing the hair. So if you are going to apply henna in your hair. So you can also add olive oil to it. This will remove dry hair and keep your hair strong.

Fenugreek- Mix

You are applying henna to dye your hair. So you also add fenugreek powder in it. Fenugreek contains protein. Which removes the infection on the scalp and strengthens the hair. Therefore, the use of fenugreek in henna will be beneficial.

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