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Face mask for skin: – Your skin is normal. But being dry and lifeless. So to make it beautiful, you can use some homemade face masks. Which will benefit your skin due to being prepared from natural ingredients.

Every woman wants to look beautiful. But sometimes their face looks dry due to pollution, dust, sunlight etc. Even after using many types of creams and face masks, they are of no use. If the same thing is happening to you. So now use a homemade natural face mask. Which will definitely make your skin glow and you will look beautiful and young.

Then whether your skin is dry, oily or normal. But skin care is essential in every situation. If your skin is normal, today we will tell you about some natural face masks to enhance the beauty of the skin and its benefits.

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Apply apple fruit and honey mask-

Everyone knows that apple fruit is very beneficial for health. But did you know, it is also beneficial for your skin. Because it is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Copper etc. Along with this, honey has antioxidant properties. Because of this, the mask prepared from it will leave no stone unturned in improving your skin.

Prepare it this way- First you wash and cut the apple fruit well, then make a paste using a mixer, now add two teaspoons of honey to it, apply this mask on the face, let it stay for about half an hour. When it starts to dry, rinse your face with plain water.

Benefits- Skin related problems will be eliminated, facial wrinkles will be reduced. Other marks on the face will also be reduced.

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Turmeric and Honey Mask

Everyone knows turmeric. Because it is used in every home. But you should use homemade turmeric powder for face mask, as it does not contain any kind of tincture. Because the question is about your skin. Turmeric is rich in antiseptic properties. That is why people take turmeric in small wounds, pains, sores, swelling etc., as well as apply it in the affected area. Therefore, her face mask must be used.

How to prepare – To make a turmeric face mask, put a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a bowl, add a little flour and honey. Mix these three well, add a little more if there is less honey, so that the mixture is well prepared, now apply it on the face and leave it for about 25 minutes, when it starts to dry, then wash the face with cold water.

Benefits- Turmeric has antiseptic properties. For this reason, applying this facial mask removes dead cells from the face. The color of the face varies. The spots on the face are also reduced.

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Lavender and honey face mask

Lavender has anti-bacterial ingredients. Because of this it is very beneficial for your skin. Its oil is also beneficial for intestinal inflammation, pain, diarrhea etc. In such cases, lavender and honey face mask will leave no stone unturned in improving your skin.

How to prepare – To make a face mask, take honey in a bowl, add about 4 to 5 drops of lavender oil. Mix it well and apply it on your face. Let it rest for about half an hour. After this, wash your face with lukewarm water.

Benefit- You will get wonderful glow on your face. Not only will your beauty grow, but the dryness on your face will also go away. The skin will be soft and supple.

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Aloe vera mask will reduce facial wrinkles

You can also use aloe vera face mask for your face. It is very easy to prepare, if you want to cut aloe vera leaf directly, cut its anus from there, mix rose water as required and apply it on the skin. Wash your face after about half an hour, after doing this for a few days your skin will improve. Facial wrinkles will also be reduced.

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