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10 crore tires are removed each year in India

Often, after being no longer useful, we treat used items as waste and sell them to the store or junkyard. There are many such things around us which are unnecessary and broken. Most people think they are no longer of any use. But it is a precious treasure for Pooja Roy, resident of Bangalore. His skill in juggling junk and then doing wonders further increased the influx of children to the public school in Mallipallam village, located 250 km from Bangalore.

so that every child can play
Pooja says every child has the right to play, sporting goods should not become a barrier. Since then, Pooja has turned used tires, drums, grips, rims and anything else that can be used into playful accessories. His “tire to playground” project has so far built more than 275 of these “tire playgrounds”.

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