Utsuls Muslim Religious Identity: China Utsul Muslim: Now China Tries To Destroy Muslim Muslims, Mosque Loudspeakers Ban, Arabic Ban – Chinese Communist Party Strives To Erode Muslim Religious Identity from Utsuls.

Sanya (China)
China, which has wreaked havoc on Uigar Muslims, is now trying to destroy the identity of ardent Muslims. The Chinese Communist Party has crossed all the boundaries of the crackdown on the 10,000,000 Muslim Muslims living in the city of Sanya, by the South China Sea. Muslim Muslims are not allowed to place loudspeakers on mosques, construction of new mosques is halted, and reading in Arabic is prohibited.

According to the New York Times report, the Chinese Communist Party is doing its best to eradicate the religious identity of Muslim Muslims and paint them in the Chinese “red color”. In this city on the island of Hainan, the Communist Party waged a campaign against foreign influences and religions. Local religious leaders said that the Chinese administration previously supported Muslims in Utusul to retain their identity, but after the arrival of Xi Jinping’s government, the campaign to destroy the identity of Muslims in Ultrasul began .

The Communist Party is now trying to have the same culture all over China and everyone believes in it. On the other hand, the Communist Party claims that the sanctions imposed on Islam and the Muslim community in China are aimed at overcoming violent religious extremism. The Chinese administration justified its campaign against Uighar Muslims on this basis. Professor Ma Haiun, an expert on Chinese Muslims in Maryland, USA, says, “The tightening of control over Muslim Muslims exposes the true face of the Chinese Communist Party against local communities. It is to strengthen government control and it is completely anti-Islam.

Although China denies it. After Xi Jinping’s government arrived in China, mosques were demolished, the ruins of their domes, and the crackdown on Uygar Muslims increased dramatically. The cleric at the local mosque said he was asked to remove the azaan speaker from the top of the dome and place it on the floor. Not only that, his voice was also slowed down. Apart from this, the construction works of mosques in the style of Arab countries have been stopped.

Not only that, children under 18 are not allowed to read Arabic. On the other hand, Ultrasul Muslims say that reading Arabic increased their knowledge of Islam and it was easier to communicate with tourists from Arab countries. Muslims are now prohibited from building domes in mosques. A few days ago, girls were banned from wearing the hijab in many schools, but this decision was changed after much opposition. Muslims in Utsul are very close to the Malay people in their traditions.

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