Uyghurs: Antony Blinken Says China Has Committed Genocide Against Uyghurs: A Key Statement From US Secretary Of State Says Uighurs In China Will Continue To Talk About Genocide Of Muslims

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US Repeats Atrocities in Xinjiang, China: Massacre: Strict Warning From US Foreign Minister – China Should Be Held Accountable Biden Administration May Announce New Sanctions Against China
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the United States will continue to speak out loud and clear about China’s “genocide” against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang Province. Several lawmakers have expressed concern about the worsening human rights situation in China ahead of the first meeting of senior U.S. and Chinese officials next week after President Joe Biden takes office.

America to meet China next month
The White House and the State Department said on Wednesday that Blinken and National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan were among senior Chinese Foreign Policy Department Yang Jiechi, foreign chief of the ruling Communist Party of China, and State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi. speaks in Anchorage, Alaska

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Will not remain silent on human rights violations
Blinken told members of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee that the United States will continue to speak out on human rights violations in China. “Our position on this issue is clear and we regard it as genocide, a violation of human rights and we will continue to raise our voice against it,” he said.

America may impose new restrictions
MP Michael McCall asked what additional steps the Biden administration is taking to stop the massacre. “I think there is a lot that we can and will do,” said Blinken. The most important thing is to keep talking about it and to get other countries to speak up as well. China will not just pay attention to our voice unless there are voices from all over the world. Only then will there be room for change. ”

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China’s demand for accountability
He said, “We can take many kinds of measures.” There are options to ban genocide, human rights violations, impose sanctions, and ban visas. I think if China claims nothing has happened, then the international community, the United Nations, has to give it a chance to go. If there is nothing to hide, show us the world. ”

America agitates over genocide of Muslims

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