Uzbekistan, Tajikistan conduct military exercise near Afghan border

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The exercise began near the Afghan border Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan participated 1,800 Russian troops deployed to the Dushanbe training ground
Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan on Thursday began a trilateral military exercise in Tajikistan’s Khatlon region, near the Afghan border. The Russian Defense Ministry, quoting Reuters on Monday, said 1,800 Russian troops and 420 units of military hardware were involved in the exercise at the Kharbmaidon training ground.

Russia warned by rise of Taliban, sent tanks and weapons to Tajikistan-Afghanistan border

Russia also conducts military exercises in Uzbekistan
Tajikistan’s defense ministry said in a statement that the exercise would involve more than 300 armored vehicles, 25 combat and transport helicopters and an undisclosed number of fighter and bombardment jets as well as artillery. according to the Reuters news agency. Russia is also holding exercises this week in Uzbekistan, another former Soviet republic bordering Afghanistan. Regarding the Uzbek exercise, Moscow announced Thursday that it will also deploy four strategic bombers.

Russia has increased its arms supply
The security situation in Afghanistan remains worrying after the withdrawal of foreign troops. Moscow fears this will destabilize its southern defensive side. Russia has increased its deliveries of arms and military equipment to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan amid the fighting in Afghanistan. The Interfax news agency reported it on Thursday, citing Russian military leader Valery Gerasimov.

Russia’s largest base in Tajikistan
The Russian army in Tajikistan has the largest military base on foreign soil. According to the Interfax news agency, Russia has deployed 17 infantry fighting vehicles to Tajikistan to strengthen its military base. The first batch of BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles was delivered to Dushanbe a day earlier with the help of Russian Air Force transport planes. Russian tanks are stationed near the Afghan-Tajik border.

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