Vacancies at InfoJobs increase by 13% in June thanks to temporary summer recruitments

Vacancies at InfoJobs increase by 13% in June thanks to temporary summer recruitments

InfoJobs, the leading employment platform in Spain, recorded growth in most professional categories last June, with the exception of public administration and finance and banking, with a total of 213,602 vacancies for work in Spain, 13% more than in May (188,495).

In June 2020, 107,091 positions were offered, registering a positive variation from one year to the next (+ 99%). Precisely in June of last year, the vacancy figures relative to the lockdown period saw a noticeable improvement, as restrictions on mobility and trade were relaxed and the market was able to open timidly during the holiday period. However, if we compare the data for this year with that of June 2019, we observe that 254,810 vacancies were registered at that time, which means a drop of almost 20%. Thus, gradually, the path of economic recovery is picking up, thus closing the gap compared to the pre-Covid figures.

For another month, the data recorded on the InfoJobs platform is in line with the figures published by Social Security and the Ministry of Labor in June. The Spanish labor market added 233,056 new social security affiliates and unemployment continues to fall for the fourth month in a row, recording another record low in the historic series. In this sense, the SEPE left 166,911 unemployed and closed the month above 3.6 million unemployed. To this assessment we must also add 447,800 people affected by an ERTE, nearly 100,000 less compared to the previous month. The labor market is therefore showing signs of recovery thanks to the summer season. However, as has happened historically, the hires of the last few months are temporary and respond to the increase in demand that accompanies the summer; the service, hotel and catering sectors, etc. They are a clear example.

In definitiva, los datos de afiliacin registrados en el mes de junio son positivos -estn situados en su franja histrica de mximos- is acerca la fecha de entrega de los fondos europeos, por lo que la tendencia de creacin de empleo se puede consolidar a middle term. However, it will be essential in the weeks and even months to come to stop the slight increase in the rate of infections caused by the Delta variant of Covid-19 (one of the most contagious) and to move forward at a good pace in the vaccination campaign. .

Commercial and sales, Trades, crafts, Purchasing, logistics and warehousing and Customer service represent half of the job offers published on the platform

The Commercial and Sales categories, with 22% of the total, Professions, Crafts and Purchasing, Logistics and Warehousing (10%), as well as Customer Service (9%), were the ones with the most vacancies via InfoJobs in June. . (51%).

If we analyze the category block that has increased the most this month, Education and Training, with 7,568 vacant positions, has increased by 70%; on the other hand, Tourism and catering, with just over 11,100 vacant positions, increased by 40%; and Quality, production and R&D, with 5,952 vacant positions, increased by 22%. Finally, Purchasing, logistics and warehousing increased by 14%, with 20,680 vacant positions.

At the same time, the sectors that remain in terms of vacant positions are Engineers and Technicians, which, with 8,161 vacant positions, increased slightly (just over 5%) and IT and Telecommunications, which generated 17,830 jobs. vacancies, registering a slight increase of 5%.

In contrast, the worst performing professional categories are Public Administration, which fell to 671 vacancies (-37%), and Finance and Banking, which recorded 2,553 vacancies in June (-14%).

#LosProfesionalesMsDemandas in InfoJobs in June

In this month of June, in the ranking of the most requested positions, they repeat that of telemarketer, sales representative and driver of a delivery vehicle. In another month, the profile of software developer appears, which is clearly consolidated in the ranking, occupying the seventh position in the ranking due to the rise of the ICT sector and the digitization of companies.

Regarding the average number of registered candidates per post proposed in June, it was 4.9, or 0.9 percentage point less than in May (5.8). This means that the competition by position is lower than that collected the previous month.

40% of job offers offered a fixed-term contract and 23% an open-ended contract

Of the job postings recorded in InfoJobs, a total of 84,243 job postings were posted that offered term hires, representing 40% of the jobs that reported the type of contract. This contractual modality increased by 17% compared to the month of May when 71,939 vacant positions had been registered. On the other hand, permanent contracts – 48,172 vacant positions – represented 23% of the total on the platform and increased by 10% compared to the previous month.

In June, when it comes to the type of workday to be done, job postings that offered full-time hours of work dominated, accounting for 58% of the total. 20% of jobs offered part-time.

Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia and the Valencian Community concentrate 67% of jobs in Spain

The Autonomous Communities that generated the most jobs in June were Madrid, representing 25% of the total vacancies, followed by Catalonia, which represents 22% of the total, Andalusia (11%) and the Community of Valencia (9%). Specifically, InfoJobs collects a total of 53,858 job vacancies in the Community of Madrid, which has increased by 15% compared to the previous month. For its part, Catalonia, which has 47,980 vacant positions, has grown by 20%. They are followed by Andalusia with 24,115, which represents an increase of 17% and Valencia with 18,724 vacancies (-2%).

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