Vaccination against the coronavirus of Anthony Fauci India: India is fighting against Corona mahatrasadi, complete vaccination is the only solution: doctor Anthony Fauchi

America’s leading infectious disease specialist, Dr Anthony Fauchi, said India was suffering the ravages of the corona virus outbreak and other countries around the world should come to the rescue. Fauchi said India is struggling with hospital beds, lack of oxygen, PPE kits and other medical equipment and countries like the United States should help. He said the only long-term cure for overcoming this disaster is large-scale vaccination of people.

Dr Fauchi’s statement came at a time when, according to official figures, on Saturday 4,000 people died from the epidemic. He insisted on increasing the production of anti-kovid vaccines nationally and internationally to deal with this deadly epidemic. Fouchee, chief medical adviser to US President Joe Biden, said in an interview with ABC News: “People should be vaccinated to end the epidemic completely.”

“ India should support the creation of vaccines ”
Fauchi said India is the world’s largest vaccine producer. They get their resources, not only from within, but also from outside. He said: “This is why other countries should either help India to make vaccines at home or give vaccines.” In response to a question, Dr Fauchi said India urgently needs to build a temporary hospital just like China did about a year ago.

He said, ‘You have to do this. You cannot leave people on the street when there is no bed in the hospital. Oxygen conditions are extremely critical. I mean it’s really sad for people not to have oxygen. Fauchi said there were immediate problems with hospital beds, oxygen, PPE kits and other medical supplies. He also stressed the need for a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus.

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