Vaccination breakthrough, quick return to the office in September?

The rapid progress of the vaccination campaign – in some communities the population between the ages of 30 and 40 is already vaccinated – has led many of the multinational companies to plan the return of their employees to the office for September.

“It’s been a year and a half since we’ve proven that the one-time home telecommuting can’t take long,” said David Vega, CEO of flexible space company Lexington. “Employees also need to have contact with the team, to leave home, to exchange ideas in a more direct way and even something as everyday as taking a mid-morning coffee break with the rest of their colleagues, ”he explains.

However, it is expected that the return to the office will not be like the one before the emergence of Covid in our lives. A large number of companies still advocate team rotation, so going to the office Monday through Friday seems to be a very long time ago, as David Vega corroborates: “The vast majority of our corporate clients have planned their return to business. . between September and October. This tour will be done in a hybrid format, combining work in the office and work at home ”. In this sense, the model most used by human resources managers is that the employee must go to the office three days a week, and that the other two are dedicated to teleworking.

This hybrid return to the office is also respectful of workers’ interests and concerns, according to a report released last September by Manpower Group, in which 8,000 adults from eight countries were interviewed. According to the aforementioned report, 8 out of 10 employees hoped that their company could offer a better balance between work and family, and the most valued aspect in this case is that in addition to occasional teleworking, companies could offer workspaces close to their addresses. .

“In this sense, flex spaces are gaining ground over traditional rental for returning to the office, thanks to the capillarity that we can offer. At Lexington, we have perfectly communicated locations that provide teams with an operational location from which to work with all the comfort and flexibility, whether in terms of office size, contract length or growth opportunities. We are therefore a great ally of companies when they return to the office, ”says the CEO of Lexington.

Coworking for companies: 40 years of success in Spain

The concept of flexible workspaces has become more widely known in recent years due to the effervescence of the start-up ecosystem in Spain, although it is a working system that is already enjoying success. for four decades in our country: “Lexington was born in 1981 and, after a long journey and a firm commitment to customer service of the highest standard, we have earned the trust of large, world-leading companies in industries as diverse as insurance, banking, new technologies or the pharmaceutical sector, ”explains Vega.

Lexington’s flexible workspaces deliver mid- to long-term operating cost efficiency that conventional corporate headquarters cannot always deliver and, in addition, they have differential values ​​such as average space. per workstation well above the market average. the inclusion in its commercial proposal of many additional services at no additional cost for companies.

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