Vaccine against new pfizer corona strain effective: Pfizer vaccine effective against new strains of corona virus: research – pfizer vaccine appears to be effective against mutation in new variants of coronavirus

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A new strain of corona virus caused big news in the global panic: In the corona virus vaccine lab, the ffizer investigation was found to be effective against the new strain.
The new strain of Corona virus has brought good news amid the panic around the world. The vaccine against the corona virus from the American company Pfizer has been shown to be effective against new strains in laboratory tests. Pfizer and the University of Texas had studied their vaccine against this dangerous strain. This research has indicated that Pfizer’s vaccine is effective against the new mutations.

As a result of this mutation, cases of the corona virus have increased worldwide, including in South Africa and Great Britain. Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine uses RNA technology and has the ability to transform quickly to cope with new mutations in the corona virus. Scientists said Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine could be modified to cope with the crown in just 6 weeks.

Let us know that due to the new strain of Corona virus the situation in Britain has gotten out of hand. Now this virus has spread all over the world. At the same time, cases of the corona virus are increasing in America. The number of deaths from Kovid-19 in the United States has exceeded 360,000. This information comes from data from Johns Hopkins University.

The total number of Kovid deaths in the United States is 3.60,999.
The university revealed in its latest update Thursday morning that the country’s total death toll of Kovid currently stands at 360,999, while Kovid-19 cases hit 21,292,109. The United States remains. the country most affected by the disease, with the highest number of cases and deaths in the world. The country accounts for more than 24 percent of total global cases and more than 19 percent of deaths. New York State has recorded 38,912 deaths, the highest in the state.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called a special leaders’ meeting on the new type of Corona on Friday. On Wednesday evening, Morrison announced that the National Cabinet meeting, made up of the Prime Minister and heads of state and territory, will focus on a resolution from the Senior International Health Protection Committee aimed at ensuring the international safeguard of the Corona virus , as reported by Xinhua. Strengthen. “This proposal aims to further strengthen protection against coronaviruses in international travel processes,” Morrison said in a statement on social media.

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