Vaccine against the coronavirus Covid 19: When will the vaccine against the coronavirus be readily available in the world? – When will anti-vaccine covid 19 be readily available in the world?

When will Kovid-19 vaccines be readily available around the world? Experts say vaccines will be readily available in some countries in 2023 or later. The United States, Israel, and Britain are among the countries that have provided at least one dose to half or more of its population. In some countries like South Africa, Pakistan and Venezuela, less than one percent of the population has been vaccinated. At the same time, 12 countries have not received vaccine supplements in Africa.

The availability of vaccines depends on many aspects. This includes purchasing capacity, in-country vaccine manufacturing capacity, access to raw materials, and global intellectual property laws. The United States has supported the vaccine patent abandonment, but it is not clear when countries around the world can agree on this issue, and when it does, vaccine manufacturing will gain momentum. .

The UN’s “Kovacs” initiative to provide vaccines globally has also had a profound impact on export bans in some countries. Researchers at Duke University said in April that despite the “ Kovacs ” initiative, many countries would not be able to immunize 60% of the population in 2023 or beyond.

Matthew Kavanagh, Global Health Policy Specialist at Georgetown University, said: “Rich countries in America, Europe and the world had already ordered all available doses and now many countries that have funds. also waiting to buy vaccines. “

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