Vaccine arrives at day centers amid storm of criticism for taking so long: “It’s a catastrophic decision”

Publication: Saturday, February 20, 2021 3:19 PM

Seniors entering and leaving day centers are starting to receive the coronavirus vaccine this week, a decision that workers and unions say is overdue.

Julia J. Martín, assistant in a Madrid nursery, says they run “more risks than in residences” when dealing with people who come and go on a daily basis, which she describes as a “catastrophic” decision. . In the same vein, Andrés Santana, CCOO delegate and day center worker, thinks “imprudent” to have delayed the arrival of the vaccine by almost two months in these users.

And it is that they claim that day center users should have been seen as a priority group from day one. In Lleida, officials at a day center that opened months ago say they still don’t know when they will start immunizing.

As the campaign continues in nursing homes, older people admitted to hospitals during vaccination have been told that they must now go to hospital to receive the dose.

Galicia is one of the communities where vaccination is most advanced in retirement homes, a campaign they hope to end by mid-March and which now has between 85% and 90% of those vaccinated in these centers.

In Spain, 2.4% of the population, or more than 1.1 million citizens, have already completed their vaccination schedule. It is in nursing homes that all pandemic indicators are now collapsing: outbreaks have fallen by 63% and hospital admissions by 88%.

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