Vaccines arrive in Spain, the start of a still distant end of the coronavirus pandemic


Posted: Saturday December 26 2020 09:24

As if it were a Christmas present, the first vaccines against the coronavirus are starting to arrive in European countries, also in Spain. It will be this Sunday that the first doses of the Pfizer cure will begin to be distributed in some countries, while others such as Belgium or the Netherlands will wait a little longer to start their vaccination campaign.

The first doses of the vaccine, which were in the Pfizer factory in Belgium, left last Wednesday for the rest of the member countries, small vials that left Puurs while the transport logistics in each country were prepared.

In Spain, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, assured that “there is a necessary coordination between the Ministry of Health and the Interior” to “guarantee” the distribution of the vaccine, acknowledging that he is not “concerned” by this aspect.

Spain has bought 20 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine, the first to reach the national territory, although the 20 million will not arrive immediately. The first of these vaccines already has a recipient: it will be an elderly person and a worker from the Los Olmos residence in Guadalajara at 8:30 am.

Guadalajara will be precisely the strategic reception center for the first doses, a place from which they will be distributed to the rest of Spain. Vaccines will be received for 12 weeks and there will be five distribution points throughout Spain, the location of which is secret.

As specified by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, these vaccines will be delivered every Monday, ie an approximate figure of 350,000 doses. According to the criteria of the experts, it is people “at risk” of nursing homes and front-line health personnel who will receive the first doses.

Each Autonomous Community has detailed its vaccination strategy, specifying how many vaccines will be received each day and where they will begin to be distributed. Over the next 12 weeks, Spain will receive 4,591,275 doses with which 2,295,638 people will be vaccinated.

The 15 population groups that will receive the vaccine were detailed by Health at the end of November, although the order will be decided by the experts. It is decided that residents and health and social staff of homes for the elderly and disabled are the first to be vaccinated against the coronavirus in Spain. These groups are:

– Health and social personnel.

– People residing in centers for the elderly.

– Over 64 years old.

– People with severe disabilities.

– People with risk conditions, groups and with scientific evidence.

– People who live or work in closed environments.

– Vulnerable people by socio-economic situation.

– People with essential jobs.

– Staff.

– Population of children.

– Adolescent population.

– Total adult population.

– Population of areas with high incidence or epidemics.

– Pregnant and nursing mothers.

– People who are already immune, with antibodies.

The vaccination will consist of three phases established by the Executive. The first phase will take place from the end of December 2020 to March 2021, in which there will be a limited number of vaccines. The second will take place from March to June, with which an increase in the number of vaccines and people who can be vaccinated is expected. Finally, the third will seek to cover the rest of the priority groups with doses already sufficiently extensive.

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