Vaccines on new corona virus: New strain of coronavirus could pose greater death threat, says Boris Johnson: Boris Johnson said new strains of corona virus could pose risk of death

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New strain of corona virus may cause more deaths
A few weeks ago, a new strain of the corona virus that was widespread in the UK again caused fear around the world. However, studies have claimed that the new strain is more infectious and the earlier strain is more lethal. Today British Prime Minister Boris Johnson fears that this will increase the risk of death. He also claimed that the Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines administered in the country were effective against the strain.

“ May be linked to a higher death rate ”
Johnson said: “We have been told that with rapid spread there is evidence for the new strain which could be linked to a higher death rate.” This new warning came at a time when it was thought that 4% of cases were reduced every day. He also said the vaccines administered in the country were effective against both old and new strains. According to data released on Friday, 53.8 lakh people received the first dose of the vaccine in the country.

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Cases were recorded decrease
Britain and Scotland imposed new restrictions on January 4 due to the increase in cases. At the same time, a few days later, statistics from the Ministry of Health revealed that a decrease of 1-4% was recorded in cases occurring every day. We hope that the situation will soon return to normal. However, the administration asked not to be relaxed and called for the rules to be followed with caution.

People recovering from corona can also spread infection, say British scientists
You still have to be careful
At the same time, the R (Breeding) number fell to 0.8-1 this week from 1.2-1.3 last week. This means that on average 10 to 8 to 10 people can get an infection. However, according to the general population, one in 55 people can contract the virus. According to the Ministry of Health, the number of cases is very high and all kinds of vigilance should be taken. People were asked to stay home even though they had already been vaccinated.

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