Valencian hotel company calls for urgent action plan to save the sector


What measures are included?

Valencian hotel company calls for urgent action plan to save the sector

The hotel sector requests an agreement from the government and the Generalitat Valenciana to suspend the payment of municipal taxes and fees as well as basic services such as electricity, water and gas until normalcy is restored

BY RRHHDigital, 5:30 p.m. – January 21, 2021

At a time when the hotel sector is going through one of its biggest crises and, after the announcement by the President of the Generalitat of the total closure of the hotel industry in the Valencian Community, the President of SOS Hostelera, Fidel Molina , requested an Emergency Rescue Action plan from the Valencian hotel company which includes, among other measures:

The suspension of payment of the last quarter of personal income tax corresponding to 2020 which must be made effective tomorrow at the tax administration. The suspension of the payment of the last quarter of VAT and social contributions which is to take effect on January 30. The suspension of all municipal taxes and fees in 2021 until the pandemic is over and economic activity does not return to normal. The suspension of payments for basic services of hotel establishments such as water, electricity and gas, the ICO and the Valenci Institute of Finance taking charge of the payment of these receipts since they are, more than 50%, of the taxes accrued by the administration itself. The suspension of all regulations that negatively affect the hospitality industry, such as the law on gambling.

For Fidel Molina “the moment has come when the President of the Generalitat shows his privileged relationship with the President of the Government, Pedro Snchez, and urges him to take measures to save the Valencian hotel company financially and not to drop 115,000 workers “

SOS Hostelera has shown that “if the suspension of Fallas ’21 was a blow to the hospitality industry given that it meant a loss of 540 million euros in invoicing, this closure is the rush that will grow exponentially the more than 14,000 jobs that the company has. The Hostelera Federation believes that they were lost in 2020 ”.

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