vandalized hindu temple in karachi: sabotage in ancient hindu temple in karachi, pakistan, broken statue of lord ganesh – pakistan vandalized old hindu temple in lyari karachi

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In Pakistan’s economic capital, Karachi, fundamentalists accused the child of blasphemy in the incident. A mob of fanatics vandalized the ancient Hindu temple, in which the idols of Lord Ganesha and Shivji kept in the temple were also smashed by fundamentalists.
In Karachi, the economic capital of Pakistan, a mob of fundamentalists accused a child of the Prophet’s blasphemy and vandalized an ancient temple. In this incident in the Lyari region, a host of extremists first accused Hindus of blasphemy, and then later some people vandalized the ancient temple. During this period, the idols of Lord Ganesha and Shivji kept in the temple were also broken by fundamentalists.

Extremists accused the Hindu child of blasphemy without any concrete evidence. The local Hindu community alleged that they were being tortured. This temple is said to be located in Lee Market in the Bhimpura region of Karachi. Not only that, the images of God inside the temple were also torn apart. This is the third incident of vandalism at Hindu temples in the past 20 days.

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Religious extremists ruined Durga Mata’s idol
Explain that the attacks on Hindus and their temples in Pakistan do not go by the name of stop. Prior to the Karachi incident, religious idols from Nagarparkar, located in Tharparkar district of Sindh province, destroyed the idol of Durga Mata. The temple was also badly damaged by these attackers. The temple priest said that unknown persons entered the temple premises at midnight. After that, they closed the door and smashed the idol. They also damaged the temple during their travels. So far, the police have taken no action against the attackers.

Hindus demand action
The Hindu community living near the temple have expressed their anger at the incident and demanded action against the culprits at the earliest. The Hindu community said such incidents were unacceptable and the government should apprehend the culprits. Like other cases, the police have started to investigate this case. Police said no culprits would be spared

20 days ago another temple was vandalized
According to the report, a temple was vandalized in Badin district, Sindh province, still 20 days ago. According to the Pakistani Media Express Tribune, the plaintiff in this case, Ashok Kumar, alleged that the temple had been vandalized by Muhammad Ismail alias Chatto Sheidi. After that, the Pakistani police started to investigate the whole case.

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