Vara admits to delaying coronavirus vaccination to see “how the first vaccinees reacted”

Publication: Thursday, January 14, 2021 09:25

Barrage of criticism against Guillermo Fernández Vara for his statements on the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in Extremadura. And it is that the regional president admitted during a press conference that the vaccination rate had been slower because they wanted to check if there were any side effects.

“We had to maintain this caution to see how the first vaccinees reacted. I understand the criticisms, but I confirm that this was the appropriate strategy,” he said in his appearance. It should be remembered that the elderly in nursing homes were the first to receive the vaccine against COVID-19.

The president of Extremadura, who is also a doctor, also insisted that “it is a vaccine which has been approved in an exceptionally short time” and, therefore, the Council has chosen to maintain a cautious attitude.

“We had to be careful in the first days to make sure we can adopt a higher rate (in vaccination) and that will be the case in the next few days”, he said, assuring that from now on they will start delivering the doses more quickly.

In this sense, he announced that “on January 17 the entire population of residences will be vaccinated” and, in a short period of time, he should start with health professionals who “are on the front line” against the pandemic.

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