Variant astrazeneca coronavirus vaccine: Pfizer and AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine Variant in India: Pfizer AstraZeneca corona virus vaccine affects Indian variants

Health officials in Britain, for the first time in their new research, have found that two doses of the Kovid-19 vaccine is “ very effective ” against the new form of corona virus B1.617.2 introduced in India. Public Health England (PHE) said on Saturday that the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine was 88% effective against the viral form B1.617.2 two weeks after the second dose. At the same time, the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine was 60% effective against this form.

However, research also found that they were only 33% effective after one dose of both vaccines. The Indian Serum Institute produces the Oxford Covishield / AstraZeneca vaccine, which is used in India to protect against Kovid-19.

“The second dose is important”
UK Health Minister Matt Hancock said: “The new evidence is very important and proves how important our Kovid-19 vaccination campaign is for the protection of our loved ones.” He said: β€œIt is clear how important the second dose of vaccine is for effective protection against Kovid-19 and its variants. I call on people to sign up for the vaccine when it is their turn.

Impact on the British variant as well
Research has shown that two doses of the vaccine are as effective against the B1.1.7 variant of the virus found in Kent as against the B1.617.2 variant. In Great Britain, the form B1.1.7 virus catches the most people. As a result, two doses of Pfizer vaccine remained 93% effective against type B1.1.7 virus while Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine was 66% effective against this form.

Statistics of people of all ages included
At the same time, one dose of these two vaccines was 50% effective against virus type B1.1.7. PHE immunization manager Dr Mary Ramsay said this research confirms that two doses of any vaccine provide a high degree of protection against the B1.617.2 variant of the corona virus. In this research, data from people of all age groups has been included since April 5 after exposure of the viral form B1.617.2.

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