Variant of coronavirus China: Variant of coronavirus found in India spreads to China, drones deployed to keep people inside

In the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, 60 drones have been deployed to keep people inside and remind them to wear masks when they go out. China has largely contained cases of local Kovid-19 infection, but cases of the most contagious form of the corona virus appear to be increasing in Guangzhou. This form has been found in India.

There have been six new cases in Guangzhou in the past 24 hours, bringing the number of cases of the new form of infection to 100. Police flew drones equipped with cameras and sent messages to those exiting. In addition to drones in the city, measures such as taking health information over the phone, measuring temperature and isolating people going to areas more prone to infections are also being monitored.

Guangzhou has isolated itself from many cities, prohibiting residents of the city and surrounding areas from leaving the province, and closing cinemas and other entertainment venues.

Significantly, in order to know the truth about the origin of the corona virus in America and Europe, there is a demand to investigate the theory of its spread from the Wuhan virology laboratory. U.S. intelligence agencies have claimed that samples of workers who fell ill while cleaning up a closed mine were sent to the Wuhan lab. China is accused of having belatedly informed the world of the spread of the virus and its mortality.

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