Variant of the Vietnam coronavirus: new variant of the coronavirus in Vietnam Hybrid of the British Indian strain: new variant of the coronavirus discovered in Vietnam

After Great Britain, South Africa, Brazil and India, a new variant of the corona virus has been discovered in Vietnam. Vietnam’s health minister said this variant had similar strains from India and Britain. Nguyen Than Long said scientists had performed a genetic study of the virus infecting some recently infected patients and found a new variant there. This variant can spread more easily than the old virus.

spread over 30 places
As viruses replicate themselves, genetic changes also occur in them. New variants of the corona virus have also appeared since its discovery in China. The World Health Organization has called the variants found in Britain, India, South Africa and Brazil worrying. Vietnam’s health minister said the new variant could be responsible for the increase in cases in the country, which has spread to 30 locations around the country.

tightened restrictions
Until recently, Vietnam seemed to be gaining the virus. Here, new cases and death numbers appeared to be declining, but within weeks the situation started to deteriorate again. New cases have been observed in places where the population is dense and there are industrial zones. There are many large corporate offices here. In some places, cases increased after religious programs, after which they were also banned.

Vaccination continues
Large gatherings are prohibited in most major cities, public parks are closed, and restaurants, bars, clubs and spas are closed. One million people in Vietnam have received the AstraZeneca vaccine. Last week, a 30 million dose deal was signed with Pfizer. An agreement with Moderna is also expected soon.

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cases increased in vietnam

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