Vatican City homosexual unions: declining for gay Catholics

The Vatican issued an order on Monday that the Catholic Church cannot bless for same-sex marriages because God cannot bless evil. In this regard, the Vatican Piety Office issued a formal response to the question of whether the Catholic clergy could offer blessings for same-sex marriages.

Christianity’s greatest religious leader expelled a cardinal from Africa after a controversial statement on Islam. It is said that Robert directly confronted Pope Francis on religious issues. He called for immediate intervention from Vatican City, tying Islam to the growing refugee problem in Europe. Robert Sara had said that if the flow of refugees continues like this, the attack on Islam will soon begin all over the world.

Sara was in charge of Vatican religious rituals
It is said that Pope Francis immediately accepted the resignation of Cardinal Robert Sara. Robert Sara is from the African country of Guinea. He has held many important positions in Vatican City over the past 20 years. He is currently studying issues of worship and religious observance in Vatican City. The Vatican announced on Saturday that Cardinal Sara was stepping down from his post.

Contested statement on Islam
He made a controversial statement commenting on Islam in 2019 that if the Catholic Church does not interfere with the issue of migrants, the world will be attacked by Islam. It is said that Sara did not submit her resignation until she turned 75 in June of last year. Because no one in Church law can do a job in the Vatican after 75 years. However, Pope Francis often allows Vatican officials to hold office longer.

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