Vecttor and the Incorpora program of Fundacin ‘la Caixa’ collaborate to increase the presence of women in mobility

Vecttor and the Incorpora program of Fundacin ‘la Caixa’ collaborate to increase the presence of women in mobility

The Spanish transport company Vecttor, belonging to the Maxi Mobility group, collaborates with the “la Caixa” Foundation, through the “Incorpora Program”, to encourage the integration of women into its workforce. The two entities will work hand in hand to increase the volume of drivers providing their services to transport companies registered in the Cabify app. The first phase of the project has started in Madrid as part of the pilot program which marks the start of activities and which will last until 2021.

As part of this experience, several face-to-face information sessions were conducted by Vecttor, where 40 women received a detailed explanation of how the app for collaborating drivers works from a technological point of view, and they had testimonials from a management company. fleet and a driver. Interested women can then go to Vecttor, where they will continue the process until the final hiring, if they meet all the conditions and are chosen by the company. So far, more than half of the women who have attended these sessions are in the process of being selected to work at Vecttor.

15% of female drivers collaborate on the application in the markets where it operates, Cabify’s objective

Cabify has released its 2020 Sustainability Master Plan, the company’s roadmap for the next three years. In this sense, in the line of action “ Diversity and Inclusion ”, Cabify has among its objectives the promotion of the inclusion of women in the urban mobility sector, reaching that they represent 15% of all drivers who work with the app in the markets where it operates.

The Incorpora Program of the “la Caixa” Foundation promotes the social and professional integration of people at risk of social exclusion thanks to the commitment of the technicians with whom it works and social organizations, such as the Senara Foundation, in this project. Its consulting and support service in integration promotion actions is free for the companies with which it collaborates.

“It is a pleasure to collaborate with the“ la Caixa ”Foundation in this program. We are very satisfied with the results obtained so far, in which it emerges that more than 50% of the women present at the event are already actively participating in our selection processes and continue to move step by step to receive their opportunity. It’s exciting to be part of the transformation of the transport sector through people, ”says Mara Pieiro, Director of Human Resources at Vecttor.

“The Incorpora program of the“ la Caixa ”Foundation would not be possible without the participation of socially responsible companies such as Vecttor, committed to the social and professional integration of people in danger of social exclusion. Thanks to these companies, Incorpora offers real opportunities to those who have needed them for fourteen years and gives them the means to change their lives, ”says Jaume Farr, director of the social inclusion area of ​​the“ la Caixa ”Foundation.

“From the Senara Foundation, the collaboration with Vecttor and the Women Drivers Offer has been very well received by the women we serve, who saw a job opportunity allowing them stability supported by a trusted company. Social and professional integration is only possible thanks to this type of collaboration between companies and social entities. Many women come from totally different sectors and have a lot of desire and enthusiasm to adapt to new positions where they can grow and be able to financially support their families ”, concludes Tais Rodríguez, responsible for employment programs at the Foundation. Senara, partner of the Incorpora program. .

“We want to promote the weight of women in a traditionally male sector, which makes absolutely no sense in a modern society. Every woman hired by the transport companies that work with us and who drives a VTC breaks a small barrier and opens the way for the rest ”, explains Natalia Gutirrez, Global Leader of Sustainable Impact and Safety at Cabify.

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