vehicle explodes in Nashville: Nashville, United States, injured in Christmas explosion, three people injured, FBI also probed

At Christmas, a car exploded in downtown Nashville, the capital of the US state of Tennessee. Three people were reportedly injured in the explosion. The injured were admitted to hospital for treatment. At the same time, the FBI team also arrived on the scene and began to investigate. Local police called the explosion a “willful act”. Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, is considered the center of American music.

Police declared a deliberate explosion
Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron said the explosion was significant. The police department, its federal investigative agency FBI and ATF are investigating the case. We believe this explosion is a deliberate act. However, the police have not yet considered it a terrorist incident. The police did not even reveal the reason for the explosion.

An explosion occurred in a van parked near the shore
According to eyewitnesses, the sound of the explosion was heard several kilometers away. As a result, many other vehicles and buildings in the vicinity were also damaged. According to local time, the explosion occurred at 6 a.m. in a modified pickup truck parked near a bank building on the banks of the river. After which the whole sky filled with black smoke.

Suspected of targeting the police team
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe told CNN that an explosion of this magnitude would be investigated as a possible act of terrorism. He said it is possible that the target of the explosion was the police team, which was going to investigate a suspicious vehicle. Mayor John Cooper of Nashville has advised people to stay away from the downtown area.

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