Venus Probe photo: Clear shot of Venus by Parker Solar Probe: Parker Solar Probe took a photo of Venus

Scientists from the US space agency NASA have made a discovery linked to the surface of the planet Venus. He is believed to have received confusing information about Venus through Parker Solar Probe. The Parker solar probe was launched in Cape Canaveral, Florida in August 2018 to get a closer look at the sun. For this, we must take the help of the gravity of Venus. Last year, circling Venus, the probes gave scientists a clear picture of its surface.

The surface of Venus is not generally seen because it is covered in clouds of carbon dioxide. However, the photo Parker took was 7,693 miles away but still very clean. The Probe’s Wide Field Imager (WISPR) took a clear image of the Highland named Aphrodite Terra on the equator of Venus.

Researchers said this area looks dark in the photo because the temperature here is cooler than the surrounding area. Authorities have speculated that it could be 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

WISPR project scientist Angelilos Vorlidas said that WISPR is designed for visible light observation. It looked like the clouds would be visible but a straight surface started to appear. It appears the probe is more sensitive to infrared light, or it has found a spot where it can see the surface of Venus by tearing through the clouds.

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