Vertical tabs are coming to Microsoft Edge Dev

In March, Microsoft first announced the vertical tabs feature. After testing for a while on the Canary channel, it is now coming to the Dev and Canary channels. This new feature of vertical tabs will help us easily find and manage a large number of tabs.

Vertical tabs now available in Microsoft Edge

To access this new feature, you can click on the vertical tabs icon in the upper left corner of the browser. We can return to horizontal tabs at any time by clicking on the vertical tab icon again.

Rearrange and manage multiple tabs at once: select multiple tabs at once by holding down the Ctrl or Shift key and clicking on the tabs you want to manage. From there, you can rearrange tabs, drag them to a new window, or even close, update, duplicate, pin, or mute them all at the same time.

Mute tabs: Quickly turn off tabs playing background audio by clicking the speaker icon. This makes it easy to turn off noisy tabs without leaving the tab you are on.

Pin your favorite tabs: Do you often trust certain websites? Right click on the tab and select pin to move it to a dedicated section at the top of the tab list so the site is always one click away. Edge will even remember your pinned tabs in all browser sessions.

Just click the minimize icon to reduce the size of the vertical tab panel and instantly see more websites. The eyelash favicons will remain visible on the left, so your eyelashes are always within reach. Click any of the tab previews to instantly switch tabs, or hover your mouse over the collapsed panel to view full tab information.

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