vertical tabs, performance improvements and more

Microsoft Edge is the browser in vogue. Those at Redmond have managed to build one of the most competitive sailors in the world in record time thanks to a great job. Today, Edge users are in luck, as Microsoft has just announced a number of new features that are already being rolled out (including vertical tabs and faster start).

Vertical tabs and quick start provide a quality jump to Edge

Starting with vertical tabs, this feature will allow users with a large number of tabs to organize them better and avoid clutter. Additionally, the Edge team is working on the ability to resize the vertical tab menu, giving the user even more control.

Another novelty that Microsoft has seized upon is the improvement in browser startup times. Chromium-based browsers aren’t particularly nimble when it comes to launching from scratch, especially on computers with modest hardware. Thanks to “Startup Boost”, which will be enabled by default in the Settings> System tab, Edge will start between 29 and 41% faster than before.

Any performance improvement is welcome, especially given the imminent launch of Windows 10X, a modern and lightweight operating system whose nerve center will be Microsoft Edge and will focus on entry-level laptops and tablets. On these types of devices, optimizing Edge and its day-to-day performance will be key to the user experience.

Finally, a detail that we liked is related to the story. Now Microsoft is showing us the history in a drop-down menu instead of taking up the whole window. In the attached GIF you can see what we mean. We love that Microsoft listens to user feedback!

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