Vice-Presidency of Churches offers Illa a massive antigen test for nursing home staff

Posted: Tuesday, December 8, 2020 1:25 PM

The Secretary of State for Social Rights, belonging to the department headed by Pablo Iglesias, proposed to the Ministry of Health to carry out massive antigen tests for the staff of the nursing homes, as learned laSexta.

A proposal that comes shortly after the publication of a recent report by the Secretary of State which estimated that “around 20,000” died in the centers during the first wave of coronavirus. A figure which assumes that around 6% of inmates in residence in Spain died during this period.

Now, Christmas is very close, the imminent arrival of the holidays is experienced with concern in the centers: the members of the family wonder whether or not to take their elders to spend the designated days, with the risk of contagion that this entails. , compared to the emotional and cognitive impact of months of isolation.

This is how antigen testing is

These types of tests are characterized by their speed: they offer a result in just 15 minutes and their reliability is between 87 and 97%, although specialists have warned that they are more effective in patients with symptoms, and less suitable for the detection of asymptomatic patients during massive screening.

Antigenic tests work by detecting viral proteins in the nasopharyngeal mucosa and some communities, such as the Community of Madrid, choose to perform them in pharmacies.

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