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the essential Benjamin Kingombe just wanted to rent an apartment so he could ask his girlfriend to marry him. The administrator of the apartment refused him and used violent racist slurs against the young man.

After the violent events on Sunday evening in Cergy, during which a young delivery person was the victim of racist abuse, AJ + France today tells new shocking facts that happened in Paris.

Benjamin Kingombe wanted to ask his girlfriend for a marriage. The manager of the rented apartment accused him of racist abuse, which he recorded. Be careful, the words are very shocking:

– AJ + French (@ajplusfrancais) May 31, 2021

The young 25-year-old chef Benjamin Kingombe tells about AJ + France that he just wanted to ask for his girlfriend’s hand and had decided to rent a chic apartment in the 16th arrondissement of the capital for the occasion. A romantic moment that normally would only have been obscured by a possible refusal of the young woman … to Benjamin’s great misfortune.

On this day, however, it is not a possible rejection of his half that “shocks” him, that “hurts” him.

Because on that day he will never be able to make his request.

A complaint has been filed

When he tried to get the keys back, he was actually refused a refusal by the concierge. A refusal that unfortunately did not end, because the administrator of the apartment insulted the native Congolese living in Essonne not only for the cook’s money, but also for racist insults of rare violence. Comments from the victim who filed a complaint on May 27th.

“Organize your parties in your damn dirty slums”

In these recordings, you can hear the manager say, “Schedule your parties in your damn filthy slums and stop pissing off people in the upscale neighborhoods.”

He adds to the young man’s money: “But I’ll keep your money, I’ll keep it for my compensation, that’s all”

The manager’s violent remarks quickly revolve around slavery and equilibrium, with impunity: “Not only did you have 400 slavery in your heart … but that did not serve you a lesson. You are stupid. But still exceptional”.

“Has a cop ever been convicted for beating a black man?”

The manager doesn’t stop there … “Do you really believe blacks have access to justice” we can hear recordings. We kill you, we rape you, we beat you, we insult you. Has a policeman ever been convicted of beating a black man? No “words that unfortunately reflect the BlackLivesMatter movement a year after the assassination of George Floyd.

Still shocked today, Benjamin Kingombe can rely on many support and his fiancée.

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