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Sacrifice and the Future! Make a note of this name, as there is a very good chance that you will hear about it in the next few months … Victimes et Avenir is an association in support of victims specializing in physical and property accidents, founded in 2016 by Maud Escriva … One Unification Act 1901, which is not yet recognized as a non-profit and therefore does not receive any state funding!

Heresy knowing that you have to be recognized as a public company in order to receive certain subsidies or reach certain customers like Google, or even so that people subject to the IFI can benefit from the tax exemption. A heresy even if we know what this association is doing for the victims! Whether we are the victim of a traffic accident or one of our loved ones is killed in an accident, the fight begins on the day of the accident! And these battles sometimes last for years with insurance!

Who is Maud Escriva?

Maud Escriva, General Delegate of the Association, fights every day with strength and determination … She fights for the victims to be heard, heard and supported. But she also fights to ensure that financial losses from an accident are not just files on a lawyer’s desk!

Or that the authorities really act for prevention and road safety! And stop hiding the face of the tragedies that happen every day in France! As an exception, this article is written in the first person! The matter is too important and Maud needs so much help!

Maud Escriva, during the presentation of the short film in Réau (77). Photo credit: Nathalie for Neozone

The meeting with Maud Escriva

As part of my mandate as a local electoral officer in the municipality of Réau (77), I got to know Maud while showing a moving short film! In this short film that touches our heart, we learn how deadly certain seemingly harmless gestures can actually be … A text message while driving a car is a pedestrian death! Failure to keep safe distances, a decimated family! And we’re not talking about alcohol or drugs while driving, a really deadly scourge of our time!

Maud Escriva, during the presentation of the short film in Réau (77). Photo credit: Nathalie for Neozone

When I got to know Maud, I first met a woman who fights … She fights with small means against all odds, but always with a strength and determination that honors her! For them, every “file” is a person and not the other way around! And behind these people there is suffering, the consequences of a traffic accident, that we have no idea! And I could not remain decently insensitive to his alarm call: to make known and to recognize Victimes and Avenir!

The unexpected consequences of a traffic accident!

For many of us, a traffic accident results in temporary trauma … No one can feel the effects of losing a loved one if they have not experienced it. In addition to the pain of losing a loved one or the occurrence of a permanent physical handicap, there are many “aggravating factors” after a traffic accident! All of these consequences can be remedied, but it is still necessary to know!

Therefore, in the event of a fatal accident, it is necessary to add to the moral harm:

Expert fees in trauma medicine Funeral costs The financial consequences of a possible work interruption The occurrence of depression or behavioral disorders A possible move if the person who caused the accident is next to the injured person or the accident happens at the garden gate!

And all of these consequences are usually borne by the insurance companies … BUT sometimes years of fighting that discourage policyholders! And then Victimes et Avenir can help you!

Information about the association

“The steps it takes to get compensation to cover your costs are often lengthy and tedious. Victimes et Avenir supports you in insurance and administration by relying on the expertise of our various partners, be they lawyers or health professionals (…) The association does not request financial services from victims, membership is optional and for €. established 10. Victimes et Avenir is recognized as of general interest within the meaning of Articles 200-1. b and 238 to -1 of the CGI (reduction of taxes on the IR and the CIT under sponsorship). »The association explains on its website.

Photo credit: Victimes et Avenir

We decided to keep all elements of the site because the matter is too important … we don’t want to make a mistake! The association, based in Seine-et-Marne, is aimed at all victims, regardless of where they live!

How can you help Victimes et Avenir?

The Victimes et Avenir association, recognized as of general interest, works thanks to donations and sponsorship … At the moment, the doors are having a hard time with the public authorities. And unfortunately there are no government subsidies. Maud Escriva is fighting on all fronts to ensure the sustainability of her club! In order to help her, we must first make known this association and the cause it represents: the victims, all victims, whether they are to blame elsewhere or not!

The more we talk about victims and the future, the more the club has the opportunity to be supported by large groups while waiting for the support of the French state! Of course, financial support for Victimes et Avenir is essential. To support the association, it is possible to make a donation via the HelloAsso platform to let your communities know that it exists and that they can support it too! A scale dedicated to the communities can be sent on request! Finally, it is also possible if you as an entrepreneur, start-up or small business owner want to get involved in this noble cause! Obviously.

We will help Maud Escriva as soon as we have the chance, it is an absolute urgency to be able to help all victims! This association must absolutely become a publicly funded association! This is the whole battle of Victimes et Avenir and we support it with all our strength!

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