Victor Küppers gives us the keys to improve the attitude and motivation of employees

Victor Küppers gives us the keys to improve the attitude and motivation of employees

Next Thursday, February 4, the webinar “ How can HR help improve the attitude of your employees? ”, Which will discuss the keys to working on your own attitude and that of your teams in the “ new normal ”, we will discover the importance of making people transmit and we will analyze the strategies to achieve well-being and team happiness as a fundamental pillar for good business results.

As experts in the field, the webinar will feature the participation of Victor Küppers, professor and trainer at the University of Barcelona and the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​and Javier Alió, partner of Audalia HR Lab.

Victor Kuppers’ job is to give lectures disseminating the concepts and ideas of experts in positive psychology. As Küppers points out, “in my work I consider it very important to facilitate people’s work based on human principles and values, being good people is the basis of everything in life, we don’t ‘love people not because of their program but because of the way they are ”, and emphasizes:“ I firmly believe that you can live and work with joy in an environment that does not help and that is normal, if you have no drama in your life, it is to live with passion, with enthusiasm, with enthusiasm; usual but normal and one must aspire to be normal. “Within the framework of these principles and this philosophy, the next webinar on the emotional well-being of employees will be addressed, with the aim of finding the keys so that, from the HR departments, they can implement measures and actions that promote these key aspects within the company.

Among the objectives of Küppers, when it comes to giving lectures and presentations, we find:

Explain the importance of personal attitude as a mobilizing and energizing element both in the personal and professional realms. Provide participants with practical and useful ideas, methods and habits, applicable “the next day”, so that they can improve and value their personal attitudes: self-motivation, proactivity, enthusiasm and interpersonal communication. Facilitate ways to increase people’s happiness and personal satisfaction so that they are also better professionals. Mobilize the best attitudes, intentions and dispositions of people to make them happier, learn to balance their personal and professional life, learn to appreciate their work, create an appropriate working environment. To reinforce the implication and the personal motivation of the participants, so that in addition to “knowing how to do” things, they also “want to do them” by putting their best efforts and by awakening their concerns to work with more joy, d optimism, proactivity, initiative, ambition, responsibility and enthusiasm. The sessions should be a revulsive, stimulating and motivating action that promotes individual best efforts.

So now you know it: next Thursday February 4, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., you have a virtual meeting with the webinar ‘How HR can you help improve the attitude of your employees?’, Organized by Audalia Nexia and RRHHDigital. Click here to register for the digital meeting.

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