Victor Küppers gives us the keys to improve the attitude of our HR staff

Business coaching: Victor Küppers gives us the keys to improve the attitude of our HR employees

We are witnessing a situation that affects us personally, financially, professionally … and we have realized that it also affects our teams. ERTE, uncertainty are factors that delay key processes for developing or recruiting talent in companies. From this perspective, the question is: how can HRDs improve the attitude of teams?

During the webinar “ How HR can you help improve the attitude of your employees? ”, Organized by Audalia HR Lab and RRHHDigital last Thursday, we were accompanied by or the successful speaker Victor Küppers, offering us a series of tips and keys related to positive psychology, in order to help HRDs to improve, through original and attractive techniques, the attitude of work teams.

If this new stage we are experiencing has shown us anything, it is that courage is fundamental for us as people and as workers. According to Victor Küppers, “we have to take care of our mental and emotional health. The great danger today is discouragement. Jobs got more complicated with telecommuting, personal issues… we’re exhausted. And it is not a question of being lazy, it is a very logical reaction, because we are living a tragedy at the health and economic level.

“Enjoy the coffee”, one of the curious keys provided by Küppers

Psychologists say that when a situation lasts for so long, we can lose heart and there is danger. “When someone loses morale, he loses the best he has: his attitude, his desire, his enthusiasm … and what moves us is our state of mind”

We can’t choose how to feel, but we can choose what attitude to take

According to Küppers, the difference between the best version of yourself and the worst version is the state of mind. “What makes us come out the best is our good humor. It doesn’t just depend on the circumstances, it can be worked on. “

As he explained, it is possible to choose a more constructive attitude in the face of adversity, as a positive attitude will help to cope better with the situation. “People have the capacity to decide with what attitude to face situations. Attitude is not a gift, it is not luck. And each of us has the opportunity to choose it. You have the attitude that you choose to have, you have that ability. There is no point in waiting for everything to go well in order to have courage. It’s the other way around, you have to have the best attitude to make everything go as smoothly as possible. ”

Of course, the speaker emphasizes that we must accept anger as a natural attitude. “We cannot run away from this feeling. Of course, you might not want to smile, but you can never lose your attitude, your morale ”.

The problem is not the problem, the problem is the attitude to the problem

HR needs to help people realize that we have to deal with what is in our hands, what we can control. “Reversing issues that we can’t control puts us in a loop,” and that’s what teams are suffering from today.

But how do you avoid entering this loop? Victor Küppers gives us the keys:

Have the serenity to accept what we cannot change. Serenity doesn’t mean conformism, it means you have to accept that things are as they are. Sometimes life is dramatic and you have to accept that we are not going to change them. Not accepting what we don’t like is what makes us suffer. “There are times when we have to let off steam, it’s very important, we have to do it. Once you unload it, it’s not worth giving more turns, it hurts us. We need serenity, to accept that things are as they are and to ask ourselves: what can I do to support my team? What is in my hands? “To be courageous is, in such a complex time, to be able to choose your best attitude and that’s what leaders do, people who in difficult times are able to bring out their best version, because they are them who will help us. Activate the “positive mode.” The only way to mobilize the best that we have inside is to put ourselves in a positive mode, even if it costs us. “You have to force yourself, you force to be positive, otherwise the environment will drag you down a negative path. ”

Select people for their human qualities

“We admire people for their intelligence, and that’s a mistake.”, As stated by Küppers, who insists on the need to integrate people who focus on helping, on the common good. “This is where the human quality lies.” And he emphasizes, “you have to select people for their human quality, and HR has the capacity to encourage it”.

For this reason, Küppers defends the need for HR to select people for their human qualities. “People who appreciate and appreciate you do it because of the way you are. What makes an extraordinary boss is the way he is, it’s what defines us, in addition to our professional successes. No one will remember you for your CV, they will remember you for your human qualities. The importance of “being good” must be justified. All leaders should ask themselves: Does my team admire me? You have to be honest, upright, educated … We need these people more than ever in our teams. “

Four basic tips to stay positive

After the keys to helping improve the attitude of HR employees, Küppers is launching a series of tips so that we can all maintain a positive attitude, including:

Think about positive things. The need arises every day to ask ourselves what is fantastic in our time, because we are not aware. “We realize what’s important when he’s late. Sometimes we have to stop and think about the good things we have. The bad is fantastic compared to the bad. In our teams, we have to put things into perspective. “Do things that make you feel good, find moments for yourself.” The mood isn’t endless, it’s not limitless. If you haven’t, you can’t give. You have to. find times for yourself. Find times to relax, reset. You have to give people time to enjoy their life, to breathe. “Exercise for mental health. Obtain illusions. “There is a study which shows that Friday we are happier than Sunday because our mind knows that after Friday comes the weekend and after Sunday comes Monday. We know how our mind works, let’s take advantage of it. “’Enjoy the coffee.’ Another key mentioned by Küppers is the need to take time for yourself, to disconnect from the issues around you and to devote a few minutes to reflection and personal growth of the person, as well as the pleasure of putting a blank mind and escaping, for a few moments, the reality that surrounds us.

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