Victory Day in Russia: Victory Day Parade in Russia sees Missile Troops Women Officers: Women Missile Soldiers in Victory Day Parade in Russia

In Russia and other countries that were once part of the Soviet Union (USSR), May 9 is celebrated as “Victory Day”, when Nazi Germany was defeated. Every year, parades are organized in Russia to celebrate it. Thousands of soldiers, vehicles and planes display their might in Moscow. The parade took place this year amid restrictions and vaccination campaigns caused by the corona virus. Last year the parade had to be postponed until June.

Thousands of soldiers and weapons

This year, the parade started Sunday at 10 a.m. Defense troops Serge Shougu and the commander of the parade, General Oleg Salyukov, inspected the troops, and then the parade began. Before the parade, President Vladimir Putin thanked the former soldiers and praised their courage. This year, 12,000 military personnel, more than 190 military vehicles and 76 aircraft attended the parade. Outside of Moscow, parades were organized in different parts of the country.

Bravery of female soldiers

Russian Armed Forces Water, Land and Air Signals, Air, Railways, Engineers, NBC Defense, Rocket Troop and National Guard troops have been executed. This time, the female members of the Russian military service attracted the attention of the people. These cadets came from the 5 most prestigious military academies in Russia. Among them were the Home Front, a psychologist, a translator, a lawyer, a financial specialist and an officer from the aerospace force and signals troop. There are 40,000 female soldiers in the Russian army.

Display of modern weapons

Military equipment was also presented during the parade. During this period, 10 WWII vintage T-34-85 tanks started. They were followed by modern weapons including T-72B3M, T-80BVM, T-90M and T-14 Armata tanks. Subsequently, rockets, drop vehicles, air defense systems, TOS-1A multiple rocket launchers were introduced. Their improved versions have a range of up to 10 km.

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