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On the indispensable Saturday, June 5th, during a civic university organized by yellow vests, singer Francis Lalanne would have annoyed the “Quotidien” team. Cinematographer Paul Bouffard says he was hit, which the singer denies.

What happened at the Yellow Vests ‘Citizens’ University, organized by the Yellow Vests, on Saturday in Avignon?

While a cameraman on the program “Quotidien” accuses the singer Francis Lalanne of beating him after he was angry with her team, the Obs who were also present at the meeting returned to the facts.

The facts play in the 48th minute of Vécus Video.

“He fell all alone”

While the atmosphere during the conference “France pays des droits de …?” was quiet, Francis Lalanne would have annoyed the “Quotidien” team, which included the journalist Paul Larrouturou, the cameraman and the sound engineer, according to the newspaper. To the point that people keep the singer “outside of him”.

“I asked you to lower your camera and you keep filming, the singer gets angry. You know what you are doing here is violence!”

He would have accused the journalist of the anti-mask and antivax activists of beating his cameraman, which he denied. According to Francis Lalanne, Paul Bouffard “would have fallen to the ground by himself. You are doing the show,” but still wanted to make sure the images were properly erased …

However, no witness present was able to confirm or deny the blow.

Francis Lalanne says he didn’t hit us.

The doctors in Cochin diagnosed @PaulBouffard with head trauma (and for me, a stiffened right wrist after a blow while intervening).

We have filed a complaint.

– Paul Larrouturou (@PaulLarrouturou) June 7, 2021

According to his journalist colleague, Paul Bouffard had a head trauma.

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