Video: meteor exploded in the sky, NASA showed where the fragments fell

Texas Last Sunday at 9 a.m. in northeast Texas, a fireball suddenly appeared above the sky. Hundreds of people witnessed the incident in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Now, the US space agency NASA has expressed the possibility that it could be a meteorite fragment emanating from an asteroid. The agency also showed a map of the places where its fragments fell. NASA Meteor Watch said in a Facebook post that according to information received from people and images of the incident captured by cameras, this meteorite first appeared on Texas Highway 11. It has moved. northeast at 30,000 mph and traveled 59 miles in the upper atmosphere. After that, it exploded to a height of 27 miles. According to NASA, it was as bright as a quarter moon. This means it was over 6 inches in diameter and must have weighed almost 10 pounds. Its speed indicates that this fireball was ejected from a piece of asteroid. NASA also shared a map of where his pieces fell. For some reason, when the asteroid collapses, a small piece of them separates from it, which is called a meteoroid. When these meteorites come close to Earth, they burn on contact with the atmosphere and you see a light that looks like a shooting star, but they are not really stars. It is not necessary for every meteorite to burn as soon as it hits the earth. Some large meteorites also land on the earth without burning and are then called meteorites. NASA’s Johnson Space Center keeps a collection of meteorites found in different corners of the world, and by studying them, asteroids, planets, and layers of our solar system are opened up.

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