Video of a viral bank robber in Brazil

Bank robbers committed a movie-style robbery in a Brazilian city. After the theft at gunpoint, thieves blew notes in the streets. A crowd of people rushed to grab the note, and the thieves escaped under his guise. Video footage showed thieves wearing black hooded sweatshirts were leaving and arrested at least 6 people.

According to the police, two people, including a policeman, were injured by the bullets which unfolded in various places of the city. According to the Globo television network, “there were 30 criminals in at least 10 vehicles and they blocked the arrival of the police.” Even footage from the incident showed a cut vault of the bank and the carts of the criminals they escaped in.

“ Christmas will be better ”
Brazilian singer-songwriter Jail Florizel shared images on Twitter showing people running around looking for notes. He tweeted: ‘People carrying notes on the floor after megalotin in the city of Crishuma, Brazil. Despite the tragedy, many people will get better. Looks like a gang expert and they had a string.

‘First time in history’
Mayor Clasio Salvaro called on people on Twitter to stay home and be vigilant. Let the police do their job. He wrote that the city has been targeted a lot. The situation is being monitored by the military administration and the security forces. The loot was carried to around 3-4 locations in the city. It is said to have never happened before in the history of the city.

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