video of cockroaches in a restaurant: Video of cockroaches thrown in a restaurant: Cockroaches thrown in restaurants

In Taiwan, some people attacked a restaurant, but the attack was not from a gun and a cockroach. Police believe the attack was carried out in revenge for not paying the debt. Police released CCTV footage showing two people dressed in black entering the restaurant and throwing cockroaches and exiting.

Violent attack
Police commissioner Chen Jia Chang said the restaurant owner owed a debt to a criminal organization. It is believed that the incident was committed because of this. Chen stressed that throwing cockroaches is considered a violent attack and its culprits should be punished. They reported that cockroaches are small because the fish are fed.

The restaurant will be fully sterilized after the attack. Four men and a woman suspected of assault were reportedly detained and suspected of being linked. It is believed that he had a dispute with the owner of the restaurant over the money.

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