video of missing Pakistani commissioner dog: Pakistani police commissioner of missing Gujranwala dog was found Viral video: missing dog of Pakistan commissioner Gujranwala was found viral video

The missing dog of the commissioner of Pakistan’s Punjab province has finally been found after hard work by the administration. Gujranwala commissioner Zulfiqar Ahmed Ghuman’s companion dog went missing on Tuesday. After which the whole administrative apparatus was looking for him. Police not only searched house to house for the dog, but also got a missing announcement over the loudspeaker across town.

Where did you get the dog? do not give information
It is not yet revealed where this dog was found? Did someone kidnap him or did this dog leave his own house and go somewhere? After the dog’s disappearance, there are criticisms across Pakistan for the administration’s hyperactivity. People say that if the police had shown so much activity in other cases, then there would have been no crime in the country. It is believed that due to this insult, the administrative staff will not open their mouths to the recovery of this dog.

“Azam Khan” also in Pakistan, announcement by loudspeaker on the dog of the missing commissioner, house-to-house search
pet dog costs 4 lakh pakistani rupees
It is said that the commissioner from Gujranwala was very sad at the loss of his companion dog and ordered officials to recover his dog the same day. According to sources, the commissioner’s companion dog costs 4 lakh Pakistani rupees. Not only that, employees stationed at the Commissioner’s residence were berated for how the dog got lost while they were there.

Video of missing dog has gone viral
The video of this search of the commissioner’s dog has also gone viral on social networks. The commissioner had warned the population that if a dog was found, he had to return it immediately, otherwise strict measures would be taken against it. On this viral video, an Indian user tweeted: “Until now, we used to understand that this nonsense only happens in our country, but you are also ahead of us.”

Comparison of Azam Khan with a missing buffalo in UP
The hyperactivity of the administration had also come under the spotlight after Azam Khan, who was government minister of the Samajwadi party, lost his buffalo. Even during this time, the entire UP administration was busy finding the then minister’s buffalo. He goes so far as to say that the police had also searched many places in this case.

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