Video of the birth of the Earth and the evolution of life

About 4.5 billion years ago, a planet formed of molten rock in our solar system took the shape of Earth. This process took a long time and took many turns to reach our planet as we see it today. Artist and computer scientist David Roberts demonstrated this journey in a video in which the story of billions of years opens in 4 minutes.

was once a flaming fireball
First a protoplanet appears, extremely hot and full of craters. Then around 3 billion years ago, plate tectonics seemed to form. Gradually, water fills the rock and the continents also become visible. Finally, the continents of the world appear illuminated and it is revealed how the once hot and flaming sphere is now the home of humans.

This is how the development of the earth happened

the water came, then the continent
At first, Earth looked like Venus today. Its crust was unstable and the asteroid-comets continued to collide. For this reason, warm temperatures have persisted for millions of years. Tectonic plates began to form about 2-3 billion years ago. Then with the arrival of the water, the earth began to freeze. In 3.8 billion years, when gases like hydrogen and methane began to cool, water began to form and then gradually oceans formed.

Then continents formed and around 300 million years ago a huge continent called Pangea was split into different pieces. These have formed our present continents. Along with this, due to the change in the atmosphere and climate, life began to appear. Rain, weather conditions led to the diversification of life, and then the complex creatures that ate them began to form.

This video shows how the once barren and deserted planet is now shrouded in light. Where are we with civilization and technology, but fossil fuels have covered the earth with pollution. Robert also shows our future built because of it, but he says it is too extreme an outcome that can be avoided.

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