Video of the brutal attack on a policewoman during the Hásel protests which was the key to the arrest of two attackers

This video enabled the national police to identify and arrest two of the radicals who attacked a group of police officers from the Prevention and Response Unit (UPR) in Madrid. One of the inmates is the one who threw a scooter so one of the officers fell to the ground, while the other is the one who appears in the shocking footage, hitting the officer with a huge wooden bar in several groups. times.

In addition, they recorded the scene of the helicopter, a few images in which we can distinguish both the one who throws the scooter and the one who brutally hits the UPR officer several times with the stick. There wasn’t much his teammates could do, as shots were raining down on them, along with another scooter.

To locate the attackers, officers examined up to 400 hours of footage. In this sense, Manuel Marlasca, responsible for investigations of LaSexta specifies that “the information brigade collected images recorded by people present at the demonstration, by the police, by neighboring establishments, but also by metro stations” .

Eventually, they found the attacker on the huge wooden bar. In the video, we see the radical at the time of the arrest, in which he is wearing the same clothes as on the day of the attacks. Police said he had a file. “The aesthetic looks like Redskin’s, but he didn’t claim to be part of any specific group,” says Marlasca.

For its part, the scooter is a minor, so it was transferred to the premises of the Group of minors of the national police. However, further arrests are not ruled out on the basis of these images.

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