Video of the shock India China Galwan: The whole truth behind India Video China Galwan Clash: truth about India Video on the violence of the Galwan valley in China

As Indian and Chinese forces in Ladakh retreat after months of negotiations, Chinese state media appear to be adding fuel to the fire. The Chinese military’s official newspaper “ PLA Daily ” revealed on Friday that the Central Military Commission of China (CMC) had conferred separate titles on the 4 military officers and jawans who clashed along the border with the India in the Galvan Valley in June 2020. At the same time, Global Times released a video and also unsuccessfully attempted to bring the accusation of violence against India. However, regarding the story released by the military, experts claim that through these latest revelations, China is putting half the truth in front of the world.

Is China Really Hiding?

Not only have security experts around the world kept tabs on China’s aggression, its strategies are also well understood. While people are surprised at how China, contrary to its nature, has confessed to killing its soldiers at the hands of a “ foreign force ”, foreign and security researcher Mr. Taylor Fravel China at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recalls that the Chinese military has not said everything. He says the PLA’s daily story was about the CMC’s Bravery Awards and the actions of these five soldiers. This story does not give a full description of the incident nor does it actually inform all victims.

Trying to break India

Previously, China released the video and tried to show itself as a victim. China wants to show through this video that India has started the violence. While the whole world is aware of the truth, researcher Nathan Ruser of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute claimed that the geolocator’s help shows that the skirmish was about 50 meters inside the Indian border.

Critic in my own country

In fact, China has been surrounded on all sides since the start of the tensions in Ladakh. First, India’s strong response hit back at PLA troops, and then China came under heavy criticism in its own country upon its return from Pangong Lake. The Chinese were questioning the army and the Communist Party as to why the army was returning after so many days of tension.

In fact, I lost more soldiers

The remaining cancer was terminated by the Russian news agency TAS. Taas claimed in his February 10 news that 45 Chinese soldiers had died in the violence in Galvan. After that, there was a stir in China. People around the world, including China, have more confidence in mass news, as after the fierce clashes in Galvan, Russia-led India and China had their first political interaction.

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