Videos of Israeli Air Force airstrikes: Videos of the Israeli Air Force airstrike in Gaza Watch viral: Watch viral video of the Israeli Air Force attack in the Gaza Strip

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Israel attacked several Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, the Tahmah fired on Israeli independence day. Rocket Israel said – Citizens will not tolerate attacks on Tel Aviv
Israel has given an appropriate response to rockets fired by terrorists on the occasion of Independence Day. Israeli Air Force planes carried out heavy bombardments in several locations in Gaza on Friday. Several militants of the terrorist organization Hamas were reportedly killed in this attack. Several independent observers in Gaza have claimed that the Israeli attack this time was large-scale, involving dozens of fighter jets.

Hamas destroyed many hiding places in attack
Israeli warplanes reportedly carried out the bombardment east of Khan Younis in central Gaza. However, no official report has been released on the number of people who died in the attack. Many videos of this incident are going very viral on social media. In which Israeli warplanes and explosions are heard at night.

A rocket was fired on Israel’s independence day
Thursday was Israel’s Independence Day, according to the Hebrew calendar. On the same day, Hamas militants operating in the Gaza Strip fired rockets at Israel. The rocket landed on uninhabited territory of Israel, causing no loss of life or property. Attacking a nation’s independence day is seen as a direct challenge. This is why Israel violently bombed Gaza.

Israel said – no attack on civilians is tolerated
The Israel Defense Forces reported after the attack that in response to a rocket fired from Gaza into Israel this evening, IDF fighter jets and attack helicopters attacked the Hamas weapons manufacturing site, an arms smuggling tunnel and a military outpost. We will not tolerate any threats against Israeli citizens.

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