Villarejo assures that he reported on Kitchen directly to Rajoy because he did not trust Fernández Díaz

Former Commissioner José Villarejo returns to focus on former President Mariano Rajoy in the Kitchen affair. In his statement before the judge, Villarejo insisted on the contacts he had with the PP regarding the operation mounted in 2013 to steal documents compromising Luis Bárcenas for the party.

So, as laSexta learned, Villarejo told the judge that he got the impression that the then President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, did not fully trust the information that came to him from Minister Fernández Díaz. and wanted another medium of information. .

In addition, he points out that he informed María Dolores de Cospedal and a link that was sent to him by the vice-president of the government. But he explains that there came a time when the demand for information was such that they had to provide him with phones in which he communicated directly by messages with the prime minister.

Contacts with the fellow detainee of Bárcenas

Villarejo also testifies on the Colombian, fellow detainee of Bárcenas. He says there were several people they interviewed and that “Isi” was a fictitious name given to him by CNI. And he adds that he met these people because the Interior Ministry, from the minister through Francisco Martínez to the DAO, Eugenio Pino, had instructed him to carry out intelligence work on Bárcenas.

The ex-commissioner underlines that he was told that the documents of Bárcenas which could compromise the PP or the State had to be located: “You have to see the people who work for the CNI.

And, according to Villarejo, Bárcenas was very concerned about his health and not being poisoned and wanted to get his documentation out of the cloud. She also points out that sometimes Cospedal told her that the president was very worried and that when he spoke to her he believed he was speaking to her more as a government than as a PP.

Meetings with Cospedal

When asked by Judge Manuel García-Castellón, he also said he recognized the agendas in the case as it was his letter.

She explained that she had met Cospedal after the PP Valencia congress, through her husband whom she had known since the 1970s. He was introduced to Cospedal as “an old policeman who knew everyone” .

Without specifying the exact number of meetings, he says that they met in Genoa, at the Ministry of Defense, in restaurants, in Marbella and that they were not professional meetings because they were not never paid it.

As for the orders that have been placed, he assures us that there was a bit of everything. So when the independence issue arose after winning the 2011 election, he explained that his job was to “talk to everyone”, although there was no order. specific.

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