Villarejo doubts Rajoy was “unaware” of Kitchen’s plot and claims he had direct contact with him for this operation

Updated: Thursday, May 27, 2021 5:53 PM

Published on: 05/27/2021 5:52 PM

Former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo questioned that former government president Mariano Rajoy was unaware of the alleged espionage plot against Luis Bárcenas, ex-treasurer of the PP. “I doubt that Mr. Rajoy was not aware of it”, Villarejo underlined, in response to the question of the Socialist deputy Felipe Sicilia, during his speech in the parliamentary committee on the case of the kitchen: “I had direct contact with Rajoy for this operation. “

There, the former commissioner also explained that when he was contacted to get involved in this supposed interior operation -which would aim to steal sensitive information from Bárcenas that could harm senior PP officials-, he already thought that it was not “just an intelligence operation. to find compromising documents of the PP”; He also thought that “Bárcenas might have information that would affect” other institutions: “The CNI has been working on this issue. I can’t say much more, but it was.”

It was at this point that the former commissioner declared that “Rajoy himself had an interest in his party and in state institutions”, and that the former president contacted him: “He me. asked for things ”. Villarejo wanted to explain how, according to him, this procedure worked: “A series of people would usually convey the President’s concerns to me. Sometimes they would ask me to respond to things I had already answered, and on one occasion I put myself angry because I had told them I was madness “.

“I had direct contact with Rajoy about this operation, but I want to believe that in addition to the game, his concern also came from other things,” continued Villarejo, who however confirmed that he was the former head of internal affairs. Marcelino Martín Blas whom he called for an “urgent meeting” at the Deputy Directorate of Police Operations. There and after a second call, then force director Ignacio Cosidó urged him to abandon two operations he had opened in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon in an attempt to capture, according to his version, an informant to spy. Bárcenas in 2013.

Villarejo spent more than three years in preventive detention; after his arrest, around thirty separate pieces were created

Villarejo, who defended himself as an “intelligence agent”, said he contacted Inspector Andrés Gómez Gordo, who was adviser to PP secretary general María Dolores de Cospedal when he was chairing the government of Castilla-La Mancha, upon hiring Sergio Ríos, the driver of Bárcenas would have paid with funds reserved to steal sensitive party documents. Villarejo was released from prison two months ago after spending more than three years in pre-trial detention; His arrest in 2017 resulted in some thirty separate exhibits and in October he faces his first trial for three of those lines of inquiry, with a request from the prosecutor which together amounts to 99 years and 8 months in prison. .

The commissioner, for questions from PP deputy Luis Santamaría, described the Gürtel operation as “political” and appointed former Secretary of State Antonio Camacho as the man to whom he was responsible. He has promised that he will clarify all of these issues when he is tried. He also ensured that the lead investigator in this case, Manuel Morocho, interviewed those involved in this case at the offices of the Villarejo group of companies in the Torre Picasso in Madrid.

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