Vinted and Ironhack strengthen women’s technical skills

Ironhack, the leading digital talent-intensive training school, has partnered with Vinted, Europe’s largest online second-hand fashion marketplace, to help educate women and close the existing gap between the sexes. Ironhack is helping with € 368,750 in scholarships for women who want to work in the ICT sector. This is the fourth year that these scholarships are available across Europe. Once again this year, Vinted is joining Ironhack to support this project, and is making its marketing channels available to give visibility to this action.

The tech industry is still dominated by men and both Vinted and Ironhack are interested in promoting gender equality by including these scholarships in one of the Ironhack Bootcamps. Through various innovative courses, or bootcamps, participants learn web development, UX / UI design, cybersecurity, or data analytics in 9 or 24 weeks. In Madrid and Barcelona, ​​a total of 16 scholarships will be available for a total value of € 24,500 for full-time and part-time courses. The value of the scholarships varies between 1,400 and 7,000 euros, depending on the type of course.

“Since last year, we have seen a growing need for technological skills, especially in today’s environment. Once again, it is becoming clear that programming and data analysis is on the rise and represents the future. Unfortunately, gender equality in technology does not yet exist and few women are in the industry. The problem starts with education, because the percentage of women graduating from technical degrees is also too low. Fortunately, the Ironhack campuses of Barcelona and Madrid are proud to be examples of equality, and it is that the students who participate in our programs reach almost 50% female and 50% male. Despite this, we still see a lot of women in Spain who want to work in tech but do not receive adequate support from their environment. In this sense, we are very happy to be able to help a large number of women boost their professional careers in such an important year as 2021 ”, explained Adri Baqus, Global Head of Operations and General Manager of the Barcelona Campus.

A great opportunity for them in the ICT environment

Lena Frommann from Germany was one of the lucky winners of the scholarship last year: “When I found out that I was going to be awarded the Ironhack scholarship, I immediately knew it would be my big one. opportunity to enter the world of coding. In my work Today, I see every day that organizations constantly need people who are motivated and passionate about programming. At Ironhack, I have further developed my profession and acquired all the skills to be a part of this world. But most of all, I got to meet new cultures and people who are friends today. “

Aliona Virsutiene, Director of Engineering at Vinted, explained: “We are proud to see that more and more women are entering the tech industry, so we are happy to support Ironhack for the fourth year with these grants. which will serve to encourage and encourage

more women to grow and start their projects. Thanks to these scholarships, we hope that women who have not had the opportunity to train in this field through bootcamps will finally be able to do so, and for this reason we want to help them take a new step in their career. professional career “.

In its mission to make second-hand fashion the first choice, Vinted helps its members buy and sell clothing and accessories, turning shopping into a social experience among members of an increasingly active and connected community. between the different markets in which the company operates: the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. In Spain, the platform has more than 3 million members.

Applications for the scholarships are open March 3-18, 2021 via the Ironhack website. Among the conditions to participate, students must be over 18 years old and demonstrate their motivation. Vinted offers its marketing services as part of this collaboration. More information on

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