violence in Jerusalem: Hamas and Hezbollah rocket attack on Israel after violence in Jerusalem video: Hamas and Hezbollah launch rocket attack on Israel after violence in Jerusalem

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After recovering from the ravages of the Corona virus, Israel is now caught in another problem. The only Jewish nation in the world today is entangled with four enemies. At the same time, the Israel Defense Forces also announced that they would not give up teaching difficult lessons to enemies of their country. This is why, these days, the confrontation between the Israeli force and the demonstrators in Jerusalem has intensified.

Who are these four enemies of Israel
These days, Israel’s biggest enemy are the Hamas terrorists operating in the Gaza Strip. Whose rocket attack troubled Israel. The second enemy is Hezbollah, a Lebanese terrorist organization. This organization also carries out drone attacks against Israel. The third enemy are the pro-Palestinian militants in Jerusalem, who have been raging for days. The fourth enemy is Syria, which a few days ago attempted to target Israel’s nuclear reactor with anti-aircraft missiles.

Hamas and Hezbollah constantly fire rockets, drones
Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah militants in Lebanon continue to attack Israel amid growing tension in Jerusalem. Israel finds it very difficult to kill its rockets and drones. Although Israel has activated several anti-missile systems in every nook and corner of the country for its security, many times rockets and drones from Hamas and Hezbollah fall on Israeli soil.

Jerusalem becomes a battleground
Clashes have increased in recent times in Jerusalem, which has long been the main center of confrontation in Israel-Palestine, and it is here that the holy sites of Jews, Christians and Muslims are located. A few days ago, Israel declared a nighttime curfew in several areas of Jerusalem following the escalation of Corona cases, in protest against which pro-Palestinian protesters took to the streets. Meanwhile, scores of people on both sides were reportedly injured in the violence. Residents of Jerusalem fear further unrest, while police have stepped up security.
Hamas said – Don’t test our patience
The events in Jerusalem provoke Gaza. The Hamas armed unit warned Israel not to test its patience and began blowing up southern Israel late at night from the Palestinian enclave and continued until Saturday morning. Meanwhile, Hamas militants fired at least 36 rockets.
Tension also increased after Syria’s missile attack
Tensions have persisted since the Syrian missile attack on Israel’s nuclear reactor. Israeli forces continuously fire missiles at targets of Iranian militia operating in Syria. In response to which the Syrian army also warned Israel.

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