Violence in Pakistan: Imran Khan addresses nation amid Tehreek-e-Labbaik violence in Pakistan: Imran Khan calls for end to violent fundamentalist protests

Strong points:

Imran conceded defeat in violent protests in Pakistan, said Indian official Imran said – India will benefit from violence in Pakistan, 800 policemen injured in violent protests in Pakistan’s Bhadak, fundamentalists release 11 policemen
Kneeling in front of violent fundamentalist protests in Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan himself descended for Damage Control today. He addressed the imams in his speech to the country and called on them to stop the violence. Imran said in gestures to India that the enemies would benefit from this violence. He also expressed his anger on Indian news sites.

India blamed its failure
Imran Khan said in his speech that I want to tell my scholars above all that you should help me with me. What is happening is hurting our country. It hurts. 800 of our police officers are injured. Many are lying in hospitals. The Pakistani prime minister blamed the Indian media for his failure and said who benefited from what is happening in Pakistan.

Questions raised about the Hindustani media
He also wondered why the Hindustan websites, which have jumped so much. The enemies took advantage of it. This caused losses to the community. We are not achieving the goal we are aiming for. Not only that, he told violent fanatics that it doesn’t matter to any foreign country that we do our own wrong. He demanded that the crime be elsewhere and that we commit a suicide bombing (suicide bombing) against us, which is that understanding.

Hassan’s dreams shown to people
He called on the Pakistani community to unite and said it was time for us to come together. He said the country, which was drowning in severe debt, needed to move towards improvement. He said that we are going up now, that our economy is recovering, that people are finding jobs. Our rupee is getting stronger. Now is not the time to hurt yourself. It will harm the enemies of the country.

Lahore became Maidan-e-Jung, many radical groups supporting Tehreek-e-Labbak
Fundamentalists release 11 police officers
The banned radical Islamic party Tehreek-e-Labbak Pakistan released 11 police officers on Monday following first-round talks with the Imran Khan government. The police were taken hostage by the group on Sunday amid heavy clashes with security forces in Lahore. In an attempt to pressure his demand to expel the French ambassador, a cartoon published last year in France citing the example of blasphemy, the banned radical Islamic party Tehreek-e-Labbac Pakistan has taken 11 police officers hostage .

Heavy violence in Pakistan, Islamic organization tortures DSP, 4 police officers kidnapped, shooting
Outcry from Saad Rizvi supporters in many cities
The Pakistani hardline Tehreek-e-Labbaq party is also opposed to the arrest of its leader Saad Rizvi and is pressuring Prime Minister Imran Khan to immediately release Rizvi. Initially, police said the protest group had taken five police officers hostage. Later in a video message, Home Secretary Sheikh Rashid said 11 police officers had been taken hostage by Rizvi supporters. He said the police were released after the first round of talks with the government was concluded. The ministry released a photo showing the police were tortured.

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