Violence in the US capital: US National Guard sleeping on Capitol floor: National Guard slept on the floor in the United States

After the violence in the US Parliament about a week ago, the inauguration of newly elected President Joe Biden will take place on January 20 amid heightened security. The National Guard has been alerted that the Capitol could be attacked again during the ceremony and this time armed protesters such as IEDs can be attacked by explosives. This fear was cemented when homemade bombs were recovered during the attack on the Capitol. Supporters of US President Donald Trump stormed the Parliament building on January 6, after which 5 people were killed in the violence.

Young people will be more alert than before

During Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, preparations were made to land 20,000 National Guard troops in Washington. Already 6,200 troops are stationed in Washington DC and 10,000 more will be deployed by Saturday. Previously, soldiers were only allowed to carry security equipment, but now they will also have handguns and rifles. Amid the tense situation, National Guard footage emerged from inside the Capitol building with hundreds of soldiers seen sleeping on the cold floor with their belongings. People have described the incident as shameful after these images surfaced.

3 plan of attack on the capital

In addition to the soldiers of the National Guard, it was decided to make other officers and an eight-foot-high steel enclosure. The FBI has already warned that Washington and all 50 state capitals could have strikes by January 20, while the Capitol alone has scheduled 3 strikes. Fundamentalists and Trump supporters threaten violence in Washington on social media, security experts say, and such cases have increased in recent times.

Pizza distributed to soldiers

The secret services will now take care of the preparations for the ceremony and many roads in the city will be closed. Sanctions have been applied in many areas and testing has been extended. At the same time, on Wednesday, Republican leaders Mike Waltz and Vicky Hartzler handed out pizza to soldiers. It is believed to be the first time since the Civil War that soldiers have camped inside the Capitol. President Nancy Pelosi also thanked the soldiers outside the building. This was followed by a debate on Trump’s impeachment motion for the second time, which was accepted.

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