Violence in Washington erupts: Donald Trump’s show of power after US election defeat, violent clash between supporters and supporters – Violence in Washington erupts anti-fa blm protesters clash with Trump supporters on march million maga

Outgoing President Donald Trump has shown power in the capital, Washington, after a bitter defeat in the US election. Millions of Trump supporters have flocked to Washington, the nation’s capital, to take part in the ‘Million MAGA March’. During this time, there has been a fierce fight between Trump supporters and their opponents. Both sides had fierce punches and slogans.

Previously, thousands of people had arrived in Washington to support President Trump. He protested violently against the result of the presidential election. Contrary to the Fox News report, a clash has erupted between the anti-Trump organizations Antifa, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the pro-Trump Proud Boys. As darkness spread across Washington, Trump’s protesters grew increasingly angry.

Residents of Antifa, Black Lives Matter tortured Trump supporters and set them on fire by ripping off their red caps and flags. According to the Washington Post, the clash escalated overnight. Opponents of Trump toppled stalls that Trump supporters were selling. The clash between Trump supporters and protesters occurred a short distance from the White House, the office of the US president. The clash between the two lasted a long time. However, the police later arrived and separated the two.

Many people were injured on both sides and the police arrested at least 10 people. Four people were also arrested for possession of firearms. One person is stabbed in the back and taken to hospital in critical condition. Police also had to use spray paper to take down Trump’s opponents. Let us know that President Trump has not come to terms with his defeat since Joe Biden won. Trump has promised a legal challenge to this election result. A lot of people are also worried that Trump could carry out a coup.

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