“Violence is unacceptable in a full democracy like Spain”

Updated: Friday, February 19, 2021 12:08 PM

Posted: 19.02.2021 11:37

Pedro Sánchez has once again distanced himself from his government partner, further increasing the stumbling block that currently exists between PSOE and United We Can. This time he did so by condemning the riots sparked by the arrest of Pablo Hasél and insisting that “democracy protects freedom of expression, but not violence”.

This is the first time that the President has spoken out on the riots during the demonstrations that were organized in Madrid on February 17. Some demonstrators caused damage in the streets of the capital and heavy police charges were brought during a demonstration organized in support of rapper Hasél after his imprisonment.

“In a democracy, recourse to any type of violence is inadmissible, there are no exceptions. Violence is an attack on the freedom of others and the government will face it”, are the statements left at the Palace congresses and exhibitions of Mérida, where he appeared with the president of the Junta de Extremadura.

Violence is an attack on the freedom of others and the Government will face it >>

A condemnation that comes shortly after LaSexta discovered that several socialist ministers had asked their president to be firm in front of United We Can. And it is that these sources recognize that they feel like they are on top of a keg of gunpowder. They see it as a cause of attrition within the coalition executive, even though they are convinced that the deal will not be broken.

In view of this, Sánchez made it clear that in Spain “democracy is total” and that “the government has already expressed its intention to improve” the area of ​​”freedom of expression”. Once again he stands out from Pablo Iglesias, who has been defending for several weeks that there is no “democratic normality” in our country.

Thus, the socialist leader also sent a message to Pablo Echenique, who through social networks showed his “support for young anti-fascists who demand justice and freedom of expression in the street”.

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